DE FLAPPER - LARGE - 1 PACK - 203 x 43mm

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Designed to prevent awning damage caused by the wind and prevent constant flapping with this awning tensioner.

Black caravan awning de-flapper with velcro strap for applying tension on roll-out awning fabric, double-width.

Made from UV stabilised, chemical resistant nylon.

Holds fabric securely with easy release knob.
Soft padded double width clamp doesn’t mark or stretch fabric.
Clamps firm without slipping or sticking.
Overall size and clamping pad is larger than other universal tensioners.
Requires no tools to set-up, just attach by strap and tighten clamp.
Additional strap included for Pop-Top caravans.

Smaller style available (SRDF2)

203 x 43mm

2 per pack