HASP & STAPLE - HEAVY DUTY - 140x3.2mm - ZP

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Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple 140mm ZP

Unit: CARD(1)

The heavy duty hasp and staple is used to securely close and lock outdoor gates and doors in place. It features a padlock hole to attach wit ha padlock for extra security.

  • 140mm overall length x 57mm overall width.
  • Zinc Plated finish providing moderate corrosion resistance.
  • Supplied in retailer pack of 1 piece per card, including fixing screws.

For installation - 1) Place hasp and staple at a desired position. The locking eye (staple) should be on the jamb and the hasp should be on the door. 2) Hold the locking eye and mark for screw holes.

3) Drill pilot holes and fix the locking eye with screws. 4) Put the hasp back in position and mark for screw holes. 5) Fix the hasp with screws.