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Use for

◦ Timber sealer
◦ Decking oils
◦ Concrete sealer
◦ Furniture & floor oils
◦ Chopping blocks & kitchen utensils
◦ Woodwork finishes

100% natural
Food safe
Zero VOC
No additives
No petro-chemicals

Why We Love It - Pure Tung Oil (not blended with synthetic chemicals)

Tung oil has some amazing properties, which make it a superb product in so many ways. Let’s look at some of these:

  1. 100% natural
    We can have our cake and eat it! A fantastic finish that doesn’t hurt our environment.

  2. It is food safe and seals timber
    We use it in our Kitchen Bench Oil, which when cured creates a beautiful, natural waterproof barrier on timber or bamboo food preparation areas (and bathrooms of course).

  3. Low allergen
    Tung oil is actually derived from a seed rather than a nut (as it sometimes incorrectly claimed).

  4. Not just for timber
    It is so versatile it can be used to seal concrete, slate and stone surfaces.

  5. No yellowing over time
    Tung oil remains clear, so it’s perfect for retaining the original colour of pale timbers. You will find a tendency for other products such as linseed oil and varnishes to yellow over time.

  6. Rancidity? None
    This amazing oil remains as fresh and new as the day it was applied!

  7. Drying time
    The drying time for tung oil is actually faster than pure linseed oil (the ‘boiled’ variety in the stores is laced with toxic, synthetic chemicals to speed up the drying process).

  8. VOC free
    Imagine that - a superb finish with no nasty-smelling solvents to breathe in!

  9. Flexibility even when cured
    Your timber surface can expand and contract naturally with environmental conditions without cracking or ever losing its beauty.

  10. Maintenance is easy
    To maintain a tung oil finish is no hassle at all! If it scratches or scuffs, you can simply touch up the area affected. There is no need to sand back the whole finish like you would have to with varnishes and polyurethanes.